Come in and enjoy a relaxing day at the spa

with your closest friends.


You may bring in your own food and beverages (ID

required for anyone consuming alcohol). We'll supply

up to two tables and the fun!

For eight (8) or more people with three (3) or more

major services each, we'll close the spa and cater just

to your party!

How to schedule? Read and download our

  Spa Party Agreement

(including cancellation policy), fill it out, sign and

return to us by e-mail or in person. Feel free to call

ahead and "save the date," we'll help you with the


With each party, a 15% gratuity will be added.



Save time at the spa and do your forms online!
After all, who wants to do paperwork at a party?

Have all your party attendees create their profiles
at our website prior to the party. 
Select Book Online. At the Login Screen, you will be prompted to create an account if one doesn’t already exist. Our intake forms and waivers are available online, i.e., Facial, Massage, Swedish Wrap, etc. 

Save time and hassle by completing the forms online and come to the spa ready to party!