Body Sculpting

 ESI Cellulite

A non-invasive technique used for cellulite reduction. An active stimulation breaks up fat cells, eliminates toxins and improves circulation.

$85 per treatment
Swedish Body Wrap
A relaxing compression wrap of amino nutrients and creamy sea clay to help lose inches, firm and nourish the skin, shrink fat cells and help improve the skins flexibility to make skin look and feel younger.

Full body $85 and up     Spot $70 and up
 Planning a visit to the spa for a wrap? Download our Swedish Wrap  Intake Form HERE, fill it out at home and bring to the
 spa on the  day of your service.
Tango Parafango
A sea mud and paraffin mixture painted on the body to stimulate the lymphatic flow, drawing out toxins, firm and tighten skin; followed by a steam treatment to replenish lost moisture.

$95 and up

Tummy and Thigh Toner
ESI treatment followed by your choice of Swedish or Tango wrap.


 Body Bronzing

An application of tanning lotion using famous Fake Bake. Lasts approximately 7-10 days 

$70 and up (hand application)    
1 for $45 or 2 for $60 (spray application)       Legs Only $20
Body Glow (Scrub)
Exfoliates dead skin cells, removes impurities, and stimulates circulation to leave skin smooth and glowing.

Steam Therapy
A deep cleansing steam bath hydrates the skin, warms and relaxes all the muscles in the body and lulls you into a dreamy land of quiet, peace, and renewal.

$2 per minute (minimum of 10 minutes)

Florida White Smile

Premium White Teeth


Ear Candling

Ear candling can relieve symptoms of itching, congestion and discomfort associated with eye, ear and throat ailments.

$45 per pair 

Specialty Body Treatments